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Watch singer/actor Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars struggle to record their album "This Is War" while battling with their record label in a relentless lawsuit. A FilmBuff Presentation.

this is a phenomenal trailer
You make that fantasy is real concept.
Alejandro Valdés
Ese era Chester Benington??
Alessandra Serro
Alexia Fernandez
What was said is true: One day, some kid aspiring to have his/her music heard will figure out a way to sell millions of copies of his or her record and music labels will have a huge problem on their hands.
Aliaa Mahran
ONE OF THE STRONGEST PEOPLE I'VE EVER SEEN , THAT'S WHY I CALL THEM MY IDOLS ..... They suffered alot but they never lost their faith .. they never gave up on their dreams . PROVEHITO IN ALTUM !!!!
Sometimes you have to fight in order to be free .....
Amanda Cristina
This gave me chills...
Anahi Camino
Anna Nobody
OMG when Jared shouts I wanna cry, really. They're so strong, I've never seen someone stronger in my entire life. They're are worth of respect, at least because of THIS. I'm sure, I chose right idols. Respect, Thirty Seconds To Mars!
Areesha A
People who love them are believers! None of the other bands have music and lyrics like they have! They have really changed my life from a sad and boring to a new start! Love them forever!
Argentina is White
Thirty seconds to mars Is My Life\u003c3
Autum Tatiana
& i'm so fucking proud that i went to one of the concert of 30 Seconds To Mars!\nThey are fucking amazing!!! 
Bia Kobayashi
PQP O Chester está nesse videoooo, mas que vidaaaaa Jared e Chaz no mesmo video awn awn awn
Bomber Fox
Wtf is this. This isn’t Dota
Brazilball, Lord of South America
I was here before people came to talk about that gane called \
Brian Adrian Nel
The 13 dislikes must be EMI....HAHAHA
half life died for this
Carlos Potter
Jared's hair ♥
Caroline Lala
I believe I haven't see this documentary.  I have so much more respect for 30 Seconds to Mars after having listened to their side of this fight for the rights to their own creation.  I shall find this documentary archived somewhere.  Cheers to you all who believe in your art and standing up for the ownership.
Cathrin H
Chester and MARS ♡
Coraline f
do you know where can I watch the documentary please ? sounds amazing
Jared is inspirational
it's on Netflix
Diaura Yagami
Dione Rafael Nazario
Cortando os pulsos...
Dorothy Bryant
It`s important to fight what you believe in... One album, one love, one family, one LIFE. Their dreams came true. So, I want to live for the moment like this!
Dženeta Kukuka
This movie is something really special. I've seen it like a thousand times but it never gets boring. I love it. ♥
Emmanuel La Gona
this is so gayyyy
Evil Vhs
Oh poor Jared Leto, you should have thought about it before you sold your soul to Satan, no sympathy.
Fernanda Sanva Kenobi
Tomo \u003c3
Gabriel Coimbra Galvão
chester :(
Gabrielle Viana
Maybe I was late to get it, but I guess the title is supposed to read like art slash fact. Easy to miss if it's written in lower case :)
Heleen Ringelé
So proud to be an Echelon! They changed my life forever!\n\
InRush QTR
Can anyone tell me how to watch the whole movie????
Jackie Jensen
This is by far the most incredible Documentary on the music business. Jared and the band fought so hard to make \
Jay Pritchett
I bought it as soon as it came out! I have the shirt, the poster on my wall, and the DVD's on the shelf right over my head! (I lost count of how many times I've watched it!!! Ha ha)
😢 Feels Bad Man
Jeremy Perez
Yet in order to watch this film on YouTube you have to pay lol
Hermoso!!! Simplemente lo mejor! Thirty seconds to mars \u003c3 
Katie D
I remember how devastating it was when they got sued. I was horrified, angry, sad, scared, and confused all at the same time. The fact that not only they're overcoming this, they're using it to inspire a generation to fight for what we believe in. Definitely watch it if you haven't already. Echelon forever :) ₪ ø lll ·o.
Lady Madonna
Li Cheng
I believe in you man. Good luck with playing the Joker!
Lilja Karen
I wanna see it so bad! Will it be out on DVD? Does anybody know? :)
Luciane do livramento
ooh god! when in the brazil?
Morally what happened to them was corrupt. But would 30 mil be like pocket change to Jared?
Mariana Soares
I just love this documentary!!!
Marisa Senra
 portugal concert is in here so i'm crying bc i was there
Martha Alicia Reyes
Me falla un poco el ingles, y lo diré en español.  Jared, eres valiente, y peleaste por tus derechos contra la maldita injusticia de los poderosos, ha sido una etapa de lucha, frustración y coraje. Por eso los admiro tanto, 30 seconds to mars . Mis respetos. Que dios los bendiga siempre.
Martin Guerrero
The movie is very cool! still...that something pure and provocative they wanted to achieve is far away from the product of \
Mary Kilbane
Wenn ich diesen Trailer sehe,bleibt meine Welt stehen. Eine Frage beginnt durch meinen Kopf zu geistern: ...Was würdest du nur tun,würden sie einfach aufhören zu existieren?\nWenn ich daran denke,dass alles ein Ende hat, das ich sie eines Tages verlieren werde, zerreist es mir mein Herz. Ich will sie niemals vergessen, denn ich kann unmöglich ohne sie leben. Aber was,wenn dieser Tag anbricht..-der Tag,an dem sie von uns gehen? Es ist sicher noch viel Zeit,die ich eifach genießen sollte,doch es bringt mich um,zu wissen,dass dieser Tag unumgänglich ist. Die Welt wird sich für mich und auch all die anderen Echelon da draußen aufhören zu drehen,in dem Moment,an dem jene Nachticht unser Ohr erreicht. Wir werden sterben,innerlich wie äußerlich. Und wenn ich einen Wunsch frei hätte,dann würde ich mir wünschen,die Zeit würde anhalten - wir leben für immer.\n\nWie denkt ihr darüber,Echelon?
María Florencia
After I watched the documentary I went to a CD store and bought This Is War. I love how through their songs you can feel the anger and hopelessness they felt in the process of making it. I only knew Kings and Queens and Closer To The Edge and those are the most up-beat kinda positive songs.
Mateu Muł
whats is concert  in 2:21..???
Mazni Zuhairah
I just watched this today. Twice. Need i say more? Haha.
Chester Bennington? Is that you?
Muhammad Shafiq
I could never get into their music, but this film looks good.
Natalia _ Nati
'Sometimes you have to fight in order to be free' --\u003e I love these words of Jared \u003c3
I want it soooooo baaaadddddd :(((((( It's amazing! *-*
Outside the Box 28 5555 901
Peanut Butter
Why is valve downgrading to this level. I'm not excited for this card game.
Petra Kozáková
\u003c33 echelon!
It's important for fans to support indie musicians, we are against the machine and strive to break the chains that bind. If you like a band consider supporting them by not stealing their music.
RJ Strocchio
It's amazing how music touches the soul... I watched this trailer with tears down my face and goosebumps on my skin. 
Retro bombshell
Wow you guys are strong and I'm glad you guys didn't give up you kept going on and making awesome music for your fans and in the end you guys showed them that you weren't gonna stand down you rise up and made your point 👏👏👏 and that's why I love you guys ❤️ and I'll always listening to it #doordie #thisiswar
Robert Mcclintock
Bruntly bunky perfect circle flobby with stazzle skeleton and ligaments how to land on planet spacecraft pacecraft acecraft acey crafty ace of spades landed.did that take thirty seconds.
Rosalba VL
Love 2:21 :') I'm crying right now!! really love this and I'm proud to be part of the Echelon Family \u003c3
where is that view he goes to..
Sacha-yves jean-louis
Insane all the shit that happenned! I understand both parties but this is just plain ridiculous!!!
Sarah Torbey
dem chills, dem chills every fucking where
Sibel Söğütçüklü
The Band of My Life \u003c3
Stephanie Cockwell
I get goosebumps from just the trailer! This movie is AMAZING
Stephanie Wilson
Is this documentary out already? It looks like it is a great thing to watch. I never knew about this band or Jared Leto. I just started hearing about him over Oscar season man he's a great singer.
Great Doc!
As an aspiring musician, this interests me a lot. I'm not a big fan of 30 Secs but kudos to them for making such a movie.
That guy With dat laptop
who else tought this was the trailer for artifact (the game)
Brandon Boyd is in it. Just take my money! Support the artists! Eventually all artists are going to go the way of Kickstarting their albums. Look what it did for Protest the Hero! The fans will support if it's there for them in a positive way to support it. Otherwise our favorite bands will effectively eventually cease to exist over corporate greed. The artist will have no power. The artist should always have the power.
suing for $30 million dollar is ridiculous! these record companies are such a scam! they take what jared said advantage and want to show power n domination.. it happened w kesha too reason why she disappeared after 2009/2010 bcuz she was fighting with Sony who are seriously disgusting. sexually harassed her n kept screwing her w lies. There was final court time this year I think and I believe she didnt win bcuz they didnt find enough proof for her setting free from sony. so she needs to work another one or 2 years w sony! its so horrible! MJ hated sony too n called them the devil in public n he's right! Im happy they got free at end n things r better now for them.. they r such a good band I just wished they could be bigger n more exposed to ppl.. but ppl seems to like lame boy bands n pop songs n anaconda type of shitt..
Vanda Szomor
30 stm forever!!
Victoria Soledad Acosta
Victoria leto
My Baby ❤😍
Vogel Stern
is this a pay per view doc or is it on cable somewhere???I need to see this doc.
I wanna say ten million times \
cicicici qarqusashvili
OMG \u003c3 that's amazing :'(
dji zzah
Even though I haven't personally watched this film yet, I can honestly say that they deserve everything. This Is War means so much to them and its heartbreaking to see someone as strong as Jared to be so aggravated and upset that he screams and doesn't know what to do because usually he is so strong. Believe Jared and we will follow because remember: WE ARE THE ECHELON!
Artifact is a great documentary - totally worth checking out. It's a shame how record companies have no problem screwing over their artists and I respect artists who have the drive to fight against that unfair treatment.
jane 86
i was never really into their music, but I happen to stumble upon this film and bought it after reading great reviews. Literally the same day I bought 2 of their albums, A Beautiful Lie and This is War, mainly out of respect for all the shit they had to go through to make them. It's time to change the system, not only for the corporations but also for us as consumers to realise that if we don't support our artists by buying the art they put so much work in, we're indirectly breaking them apart. \nAnyway, I'm really proud of these guys, and whenever they'll stop by to do a concert, I'll most definitely go to show my support and respect.
kyla kinner
What ever happened to Matt.did he like die or something
This trailer gives me goosebumps every single time I watch it!!! It's so great to see them now after this battle of a lifetime... It shows again, that it's right to fight for what you believe in!!! I'M SO PROUD OF THEM...
when will we see it in POLAND;\u003e??
petty crimes
These record labels better shape up before they go out of business. With this new digital age, established artists don't even need record labels anymore. Artists can promote themselves on their social media accounts, then release their projects on itunes. Artists like Beyonce and Drake are releasing albums with no promotion and still going #1. Unknowns are becoming famous on Youtube. A label would go out of business if they had no artists, but artists can function without labels. Labels need artists, artists don't need labels, so these labels need to treat their artists like gold, especially if the artists have a huge fan base and can function on their own.
tea spices
This is just so breathtaking and beautiful... melancholy as well. How people found ways to gain profit by suing the innocents... But hey, that's life. But this film will show how they going through that struggle, and it's gonna be awesome!!\n\nHave a tour in either Shanghai or Indonesia 30stm!!! or just wait until upcoming 2 year when I will go to Paris!! You are my music!
Where are the cards
Дмитрик Кубик
ахахаха фильм про то,как мажоры чуть не обиднели... и это еще будут смотреть.
Valve is that you?