Opera Mini 5.1 on the Samsung Wave S8500 (native resolution - how to set it up so it looks good)

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--- edit: The steps should work for opera mini 6 as well ;) ---How to install and setup opera mini 5.1 on the Samsung Wave, so it would look nice, and not crappy :p ** You have to follow step 4, 5, 6, BEFORE you run opera mini for the first time. Or else, resolution will be screwed upSong: The Mayan factor - Aim for the skyphotos in the end: Cyprus from a satellite

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Aseel Hawas
I tried a lot to download it but it keep showing me certificate error
this phone is really good man.thank you for your help with opera mini.
Dennis Belen
thanks! :D
Durga Prasad
thanks dude
Jens Wensing
Thank you and best wishes from Germany (:
Kay Tang
I thought Opera mini sucks on my wave and ugly but thank you to lurn us how to make it look good,But still the original wifi youtube playback MP engage with the Dolfin browser looks sharper and hd,How to fix it on opera,because looks like 3g playback even on wifi connection,Cheers
thank you very much... now i have opera on my phone...cool^^
Hi...tnx you for this video...can you please...make video...with skype... :)? For wave :)
blwzvrt res
where did you get this themme plesas answere me plasee\n\n?????\n\n\n
@carodsau cheers :)
Is there any way to shortcut a link to the opera so you dont have to go menu-games-opera every time?