Opera Mini 6 Hands-on

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PhoneArena presents a video hands-on with the Opera Mini 6. Opera Mini is not nearly as powerful as the Opera Mobile browser, but its latest 6th version brings a lot of exciting features to a great many platforms. We went for a quick hands-on on Android-based devices...More information can be found in our site:

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Amirron Rudzaba
@AP3 LG OPTIMUS 2x, world first dual core smartphone :D
Ernest Marvin Esteban
@lepatsedap your post doesn't make sense... i think you mean, the stock android browser?
Gagan Bansal
Opera Mini doesn't support flash, but Opera Mobile does
Invincible Don1
no flash! really! in this day & age. it should support flash if it wants me to support it.
opera mini is a great browser...it was very smooth on Windows Mobile 6.5...if i was a droid fanboy i'd only use that...i'd def get tired of android's slow and choppy OS
it's opera mobile, not mini.
cesar vega
browser of android by defect its better
opera is much much better than android...android make me sick al the time
in my mobile i get the bookmark or whatever u call that comes at the beginning comes as a list and not as a grid whats the matter\r\n
The Opera mini 4.3, that is the update of 4.2, is really cool. Although not as advanced as version 6, it is faster than the 4.2 version. The interface is similar to 4.2 but the graphics have been improved. Scrolling down large pages is smoother now.