CONQUEST 1453 (Battle of the Empires) English Dubbed

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Conquest 1453 Director : Faruk Aksoy Producer : Faruk Aksoy Production Co : Aksoy Film Screenplay: Atilla Engin - Second screenplay: İrfan SaruhanDiroctor Of Photography : Mirsad Herovic - Hasan GerginMusic : Benjamin WallfischCostume Designer : Canan Goknil Stars : Devrim Evin, İbrahim Celikkol, Dilek Serbest, Cengiz CoskunGenres : History, Action, Drama, Love, WarRelease Date: 2012 Runtime: 162 Min.Either I will conquer Istanbul or Istanbul will conquer me.. Sultan Mehmet Han,in 1453, The Byzantine capital of constantinople was surrounded by the Ottoman Turks.The city was merly a shadow of its former glory due to the empire's ever receding coffers, while the Ottoman Empire continued to grow rich. after years of tolerating the existence of byzantium, the ambitions Sultan, Mehmet II launched his campaing to end the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople for the Ottomans, resulting in the greatest siege of that age.

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Abdul Amadou
Thanks for posting the English version I have been looking for that for so long , I would like to the Turkish series in English. \nPls if there is a website you refer me to It would be most appreciated
Adelaida Launer
AWESOME... Thank You.
Alp Arslan 1071
Great Ottoman Empire and Great Religion of Islam give us all the strength and honor
Ann Onymous
Is this Turkish or Saudi propaganda?
Argyrus 47
The Great Bombard definetly did not have that great effect as its shown the walls are still STANDING! Duh!
Armine Aksay
Fatih never conquered Istanbul. They opened the doors to him. They open the chains under the sea. Jews are not fighters. They change form to survive. They lived with turkish tribes of central asia. And they are not real Israelites. Hebrew was not their language. Ottoman empire built by satanic jews. The real Israelites never build empires, mosques, cathedrals. They have no religion, they are shamanist. Their time is up. Jesus did not bring us a religion. He gave us a message of love. God is love. And we are called love. Whoever has the feeling of love is from God the rest of them with no soul will perish.
Basir Attahee
Clashes of empires. Very good movie.
Bienvinido Lambrinto Jr
Nice movie thanks....
Bob Karp
an idealized look at a brutal conqueror, who's conquest dipped the area in centuries of darkness. Why are they all looking as if they're European? They were Mongols from the depth of Asia, with no civilization at all. And spare me of their \
Cynthia E Kettlewell
Great movie
Davide Dotto
stop with these false wars of religion, which masked economic and colonialist struggles ..... poor humanity slaughtered for corrupt and bogus political leaders and religious ..... false spiritualists who live in intrigues and power struggles .... . now as then
Dennis Mckown
like all empires, the 1st few rulers conquer lands, rule the people, wisely, increase wealth and happiness for all, then greedy nobles want too much, think they are better than the common folk, start enslaving their own people, pissing off the neighboring nations, to the point that they rebell, and join forces against the empire. eventually the empire falls into chaos till another arises and continues on and on till the people decide to govern themselves setting up their own rules and following them, not to extremes, that's just another problem leading to chaos and misunderstandings that can't be resolved without bloodshed. another way to hurt all life forms on the planet.
Dimis Dimi
that not the real story.
Eder Souza
Efren Ceniza
Wow!!! Amazing movie 😊
Efren Fajardo
Nice film if only people would respect each other regardless f creed, color or race then the earth truly becomes nice place to live in.
Eli Ralph Lumbo
Great movie! Great people making history..
Fortuna Giustino
the dark ages were brutal, it was all about war conquest slavery, humans had no value just gold the empire and hell for normal humble humans, i wouldn't like to return those dark days, The ottoman done enough damage i am glad they finish to exist. Empire comes & goes like all empires
Free Gypsy
Converting the cathedral Hagia Sophia into a mosque was illegal according holy Quaran. Muslim people are obliged to return this incident into justice. Also the renaming of the city of Constantinople into Istanbul must be canceled as the name Constantinople is written in the Quaran and muslim people are obliged to follow what is written.
Gamer Saracen
This movie isn't accurate . After the conquest they raped, killed and forcefully converted many inhabitants of the Byzantine empire. Which shows the true face of Islam. And since Islam promotes violence I'm ashamed to be a Muslim.
super cheesy!
Haydar Kazan
The Turks never loos a battle ever if they didn't marry none Turkish whores (Genghis Khan ) but I added the whores part
Hector Lugo
Thank you. A terrific achievement! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hrachia Badalyan
Constantinople.⚔🕌.then London,⚔🕌Paris, ⚔🕌Rome, here what they thinking about 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷\nTime to wake up 🇩🇰🇨🇭🇫🇴🇬🇪🇬🇧🇬🇷🇮🇸🇳🇴🇸🇪🇺🇸🏴\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc65\udb40\udc6e\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc7f🇷🇺
Huba Buba
Allah hu egber
Iyalekhue Oduware
Thank you so much for the English version.
J Murdock
Love the movie the only thing I have a problem is the romance
Juan Garcia
Total propaganda... History is truly record by, of, for the winner.
Karkantas Kantaris
den 3exno tha ekdikitho ,tipota den exi teliosi koprooskyllaaaa xaivania ,monkolakia , allothriskoi ,,,tha trexete na sothite ,,,palloukoman apo 7 imeron eos 107 thimaste asssiktirrrrrrrrrrr
Kemal Mustafa
Excellent movie! The Ottomans live on!
Khalid Khan
Que falsa la última escena.. es histórica la orgía de sangre y saqueos de que fue víctima la ciudad luego de su caída, como era costumbre en aquellas épocas.
I think they forgot the part where they massacre the entire Church and loot it.
Livingstone Fontenu
Loved the movie!
M Shaan
May God Almighty protect the flag of Turkey and the people of Turkey. Sultan Mehmed ll has followed the true Islamic way of treatment of the non Muslims .If this was other way round no doubt the Christian king and his soldiers would have massacred the civilians and destroyed their properties.
Marco Dattilo
Regardless of creed or nationality, how can you really sympathize with a horde of hundreds of thousand better armed soldiers facing 1/10th of their number that were sure to be facing their deaths to protect the people and the city?
Mike Curtis
Excellent movie and a quality upload! Thanks for posting.
Mike Marley
Jesus is and will always be on His Throne at the right hand of Our Father.His enemies under His feet.
Milos Jankovic
Zivela Vizantia
Mohammed Ali
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷🇵🇰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I wish the ottomans empire was still there, love from uk❤️🇵🇰🇬🇧🇹🇷❤️
Mujeeb Khan
Wanderfull movi 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💖💖🇵🇰💖🇵🇰💖
Nazrul Islam
Usmani sultans were not much clever. They only fight by ego and numbers. Murad is the dumbest of all of them and Bayezid is dumber.
Ngakmi Khap
This movie is great tough iam a Christian I like how he have his way of ruling ....thanks 4 this gud movie hope u guyzz will upload more
Nikhil mathew
Awesome great historical movie.. sultan mehmed is the great hero of ottoman empire...
Orthodox Christian Truth
7 000 Roman Orthodox Christians fight for one mounth against 400 000 ottomans and give them hard losses, so much \
Osama Khan
InshAllah Jerusalem will conquer by Muslims ..
Palamirtam Marimuthu
Omg...both are bleeding red!!!!!😵😱😵😱😵😱
Patrick Reyna
Cuando en español?
Russell Watkins
I am not Muslim! Nevertheless- a magnificent cinema production and absolute history! By time of it's downfall Constantinople was utterly decadent and corrupt. Brilliant campaign by the Turks! Well done! In the so-called Dark Ages, Islam was far more enlightened and educationally sophisticated than Christian Europe. Thus sayeth' an American who without bias has studied world history since childhood.
S Ali
Islam is beautiful
Samiun Nisa Yusufzai
Thank you so much for your efforts
Sammy C
Why cant people just watch the movie and stop condemning Christianity , Christians never condem your religion. Lets just live in peace and focus on our religion treat people with love not killing oneanother.
Sani Khan Nasar
A great step and gave a best shape to the story of conquest of qustuntunia.Islam will be forever.we are all brothers,it does'nt matter we are from iran iraq pakistan etc.we are brothers and we have to show it to the world that we can demolish you.we can make you to your united o brothers be united\nLove from Pakistan🇵🇰🇹🇷
Sheikh Imran Hosein
Prophet Muhammad (صلي الله عليه و سلم) has prophesied that a Muslim army will conquer Constantinople AFTER the Malhama or Great War. He praised both the army as well as the Commander precisely because they will correct the wrongs which were committed in the Ottoman conquest of the city in 1453. Firstly, Hagia Sophia will be returned to the Christians, and no misguided Muslim will be able to prevent it from being returned to them. This return will then facilitate friendship, fraternity and alliance between the Ummah of Muhammad and the Ummah of Jesus (peace be upon them both). My new book entitled CONSTANTINOPLE IN THE QUR'AN explains the subject. INH
Smile Dum
*_I love this movie,, Hasan is tha real hero in this movie_*
Strangely Familiar
i almost turned it off bcuz it didnt appear to be English dubbed like it says it is but it goes to English around the 2minute mark!
Tuheen Zaman
too many adverts!
Wiesław Zuber
Yousir Cantknow
This is Porn.
Please upload in hindi
asad khan
after mufti tariq masood bayan
barez farooque the seljuki empire
Crusaders always cheat with sultans (Muslim)
diki mesum
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genn santos
the sultan has abig heart
james pao balansag
one of the great movie i saw!!!...i did relate things in present..thank you for the movie....
jaxport Española
Salute.. good sultan son of God
josif Hanovre
الترجمة فين وين
juan antonio
muy buena, me gusto mucho
key khm
نعلة الله علیکم یا قاتلون و الکافرون
kokan mokan
Christians orthodox are still the strongest !!!
paul vivian
Damn good movie !
proud pinoy
Excellent movie thanks to the uploader. I enjoyed to watch a movie like this.
rohollah nadir
Great movie and long live we Turks
Wrong information, Prophet didn't acknowledge him as a true leader rather the conquest of Constantinople was foretold, that's it. Some stupid also claim Yazeed as the one for the same.
turque 00
💪🇹🇷 OTTOMAN EMPİRE 🇹🇷💪\n 💪🇹🇷 TURKEY 🇹🇷💪
Either Istanbul is going to take me or I am going to take Istanbul. Sultan Mehmet the conqueror one of the greatest commanders in history.
Γιώργος Giorgio Βασιλειαδης
Low Quality Parody###
Portugal, Spain and modern Greece, only mentioning these ones, are countries that were born on the fight against Saracens. They are sacred and never will be slaves of Islam!
Таалайбек Токтахунов
বিশ্বাস BISWAS
O Muslims, Rise and Be United to reconquer Jerusalem or the First Qibla from zionists
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