Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby 1975

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Bay City Rollers - Bye bye baby 1975... what I sayCan't put it off any longerJust gotta tell her anyway.Bye Bye Baby, baby goodbye.Bye baby, baby bye bye.Bye bye baby, don't make me cryBye baby, baby bye bye.You're the one girl in town I'd marryGirl, I'd marry you now if I were freeI wish it could beI could love you but why begin itCause there ain't any future in itShe's got me but I'm not free soBye Bye Baby, baby goodbye.Bye baby, baby bye bye.Bye bye baby, don't make me cryBye baby, baby bye bye.Wish I never had known you betterWish I knew you before I met herGee, how good it would be for meShould have told her that I can't lingerThere's a wedding ring on my fingerGee-e-e-e-eBye Bye Baby, baby goodbye.Bye baby, baby bye bye.Bye bye baby, don't make me cryBye baby, baby bye bye.(Instrumental)Bye baby, baby bye bye.Bye baby, baby bye bye.Baby, bye bye, baby baby bye bye.Baby

1975 70s Baby Bay Bye City Pop Rollers UK

This brings back memories, Im from England and my parents had taken me and my brother to Scotland when this came out. We were in a cafe in Dumfries and someone put this on the jukebox and for some reason me and my brother started fighting. All the Scottish in there were looking at us like WTF! \nAlso this is originally a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song.
AbigailsMom99 PhatMama
I loved Leslie McKeown
Adam Martin
Scottish muppets
Allison Fitzpatrick
I grew up with their music.  Loved it then and still love it. Great group and great teenage songs.  Thanks for the memories
Andrew Charlesworth
happy days
Andrew Dexter
This was number one when my parents divorced in April 1975. !! How Ironic is that !
Anne Fallon
RIP Alan Longmuir.
Basile Ivanoff
Rupert Giles approval
Bat man
Now this really takes me back to my early teens
Bernd Henker
1975...,soooo ...,lange her...!?!? Das waren noch Zeiten....,die \
Billy Babu
I remember two girls at school fighting; one Bay city rollers fan other one was Osmonds. \nPulling hair!
What a load of crap
Carolyn Roesbery
I love their pants!
Darren Gingell
R.I.P Alan longmuir
Debbie McCarthy
I was 10 in 1975 the Rollers
Debbie Mcellin
i love u soooooooooooo much les always have and always will, see u in concert on 26.9.15 in southport \u003c3 \u003c3
Ed Zimmerman
The drummers name is Horst. he was a spy from east germany 
Eileen Delany
what happened the Group The Bay City Rollers.????? I Grow up with this Group and their songs.
Familie Ronzly
Hallo 2018 😊
Franklin NJ
I like how they all have a small piece of Scottish clothing pattern and how thin they all are and British people in general.
George Christou
i still got my bay city outfits, little tight round the waste, but hey whos looking
Gerry Guinn
Wish I was your again made so many mistakes in life
Gillian Wallace
My mum liked the baycity rollers , I was only 5 in 1975 i can remember her playing them
Gina Sullivan
Bring back so many memories of my teenage years lovely
Nope...doesn't stack up to the Beatles
Gitte Jensen
They were my favorites when I was a teenager - well, they stole the song of \
Scottish and Proud
Originally sang by the fab Jersey Boys.
Heather Anderson
Showed my grand kids my Bay City Roller trousers, they laughed so much they nearly cried, but when my 14 yr old granddaughter saw the hot pants I once wore they disappeared away home with her. At least some of grannys old clothes were of use.
Ivan Spasojevic
After all these years, this song should have a sense...
James McAvoy
RIP allan... a true gentleman🎼
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
great song,my mum loves this song,my mum got into this band they did have some good songs,my mum used to wear tartan pants as a teenager,and she used to wear leather pants as a teenager my mum one cool rock chick,mum this one is for you.
Jane Cummins
What's with all the thumbs down on this song?Brilliant song
Jason Nielsen
Since I was born then in 1975. I can't help to feel we lost a since of what was the 70's hearing the music. It has a rythum and warmth. Plus the art and clothes you just don't see anymore. I love the colors and since of adventure. What happend to the America I grew up in. And those in the UK your probably saying yes what happend to the country that had all the coolest bands that America couldn't get enough of withought tearing down the record store? Yes what record store now! I loved seeing the albums and art on them. To touch and hear is something that is slipping by now. To meet those that share your same intrest in music at a record store was a blast.
somebody remember the mobie actually? the funeral of sams mother...
John Control
Anyone listening in 2017?
John Cowcill
The tarten army brilliant group my wife loved them
John Sturrock
bye bye 1975 and hello 2017 we still listening to this song over 30 years on
Rupert Giles send me here
Julie Williams
My mum used to sew tartan on the sides and bottoms of my friends trousers and for me and my sis, remember this has if it was yesterday, one of the great bands of the 70's.
June Upton
I was always a fan of the band from the beginning. One of them personally helped me meet the love of my life. Thank You Pat.
Klaus Wilkowsky
ich finde es einfach Super das man hier seine Jugend zurück hollen kann+
Kon K
pfft this video is not even in 4k..
Let It Be Mary
RIP Alan \u003c3 My mum's teenage crush, she absolutely loved him and still does xx
Liam Kins
A Boy band that could actually play an instrument, not like the shit we get today... Miming etc, best of backing musicians,  Get off the stage, and let proper musicians do a job
Lobo Estepario Chilensis ALFREDO
How beautiful it was to be a child and listen to this beautiful song by the unsurpassed Four Seasons and in the 70's, as a teenager again touched my romantic fibers when The Bay City Rollers again popularized it.\nYouth divine treasure.
Maria Pratiwi
well then, somebody marry me please!! lol
Mikle Lawson
All these songs were being sung by these artists when I was a young man and I still know every word!
Odette Gijbels
Bye Bye Great Britain!\n#brexit
Paul Burden
I was never a great fan of this put together outfit but looking back they were part of that era and fitted into it quite well, everything is of it's time and I suppose there was a time for this.
Paul Santos
Love Actually.....
Paula a David Unger
This is a gut Song Very nice This song makes my happy :-D
Pernilla N
Phil Bikespip
Another sad day for music, a band of my youth, May the music\nplay on.. Bye Bye Baby
Ranju Thomas
Even though we may question the dressing :D, song is cool.
Richard Howarth
This band were the original boy band of the 70's shame they never reaped the rewards of their fame at the time, unlike Take that a more than a decade later.
Roger Goremän
The singer's voice is so adorable
What a great band
Sam Hancock
I was listening to heavy metal and found myself here. What a journey this internet session has been.
Scotland Chrissy Puffins
yes bey bey baby...see you soon
Soroh Leah Gluck
I didn't know Russel Howard plays the drums.
Steve Cooke
and the third Bay City Roller from the 70s joined the fray....again. They're coming out with a new single & hopefully a world tour! I'm 46, and remember them as a kid in the states - Would love to see them now
Stig Andersen
Got the Album hanging on the wall
Stuart Mclaughlin
Stuart Wood
I'm woody from the rollers, they were great days.
Susan Pendell
these guys look like \
I remember a girl in junior school who loved the bay city rollers. She used to grab me by the hair and pull me under the desk, trying to kiss me. At that age I really hated it because all girls were smelly when you're 9. Now that I am in my 50s they don't seem to do that anymore, and I hate that too..
Yep. I hated them then. Still do. Crap music lol
Never will forget the fights at school between Rollers fans, Beatles fans and others. Lol   I used to hate the Rollers  a lot- today I look at them and say how I wish I could go back in time and I would even listen to them...
TheRoger Rabbit
Copyright Frankie valli songs this boy them
Tim Fouraker
The most surprising thing about this era is that men could look like this and yet the human race still survived!
Tom Bentom
Liam Neeson brings me here! AGAIN!
andrew glover
A suitable soundtrack song for the YES to independence vote!! :-)
bailey cote
When boy bands were acceptable
carol penman
local boy band here ................takes me back to being a teenager.......will always love them....xx
civita t
Bay City Rollers were very popular in England but not so much in the United States this song was a hit in England but not played on stations in the United States but Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons original version is still much better
dirk baeke
That wa s music hé, in the seventies,the best music ever
Catchy. Made to be a hit. Haters couldn't write a song that made it into the top 500 if they had unlimited time.
was not allowed to wear that kind of stuff in my youth, strict upbringing and all that, so im wearing it now, everywhere everyday, people stop and stare, I just start singing these wonderfull songs, then they want to know where they can buy tarten
gillian hilton
Les McKeown was at our local party in the park a few weeks ago with his Bay City Rollers. Not only were they amazing - when he sang this the years flooded back and all I could do was cry! \nBlooming sad case I know.
a girl on my street , was a fan,, of them !! , I rember !! as a kid in 70s !!
jennifer-anne chiocchi
got my girl through alot of hard times 
jessie james
heard theyre going to do a comeback..reunion
joanne clarkson
I was 5 when this was released. Having teenage Aunts I was brainwashed but absolutely love it
john connolly
john star
and in the 70,s all the school girls wen,t bloody hysterical ...actually even worse when Elvis died
i enjoyed the decade,cheesy or not.
They're getting back together and going on tour!
Forty years on, even this pap sounds 'classic' !
mark adams
sweet memories,great time!
Do people not realise this song was way before love actually? Lol
5 stars so ignore bad comments
petra scheiblich
Bay City Rollers, einer meiner Favoriten aus der Jugendzeit......lang, lang ist's her......🎤🎸🎵🎼🎶👍👍🎶🎼🎵
sarah knight
random number 2........i see jade grooving in the kitchen now things are looking up...babycham rocks
....I was the only guy in town who had a Levi red tartan laced jean jacket, all the girls loved me, even one girl told me....\
susan gallagher
the bay city rolleres used to be my heros, how embaressing
woff woff
a different generation..... they were brilliant... the music today is excellent but NOT as good as back then... LOL .. showing my age.. respect... just a point... every generation will do their own thing and enjoy music songs bands etc that has no relation to the last generation... if you say to this generation now.. \
frankie valie and four seasons' bye bye baby is original. they singing in 1964